La Fédération Française du Bâtiment est une organisation professionnelle qui a pour but de représenter et défendre les entreprises de bâtiment
auprès des pouvoirs publics, des décideurs économiques et des autres acteurs de la construction.

Le Bâtiment, une richesse pour la France

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French building federation

The FFB represents 50.000 member companies, of which 35.000 are in the crafts trade.

The Building industry is France’s top employer.
FFB, speaking for the Building industry


The FFB protects the profession’s interests in regard to public authorities, public services, economic decision-makers and other actors of the construction industry.
The FFB is active within any authority where Building and companies’ interests are at stake.
The FFB has given mandates to 10.000 contractors to serve the Building profession with their energy and influence.

Thanks to the European Construction Industry Federation (FIEC), the FFB acts at European level with a permanent platform in Brussels, in order to assert Building companies’ rights.


FFB, a force for proposals

To serve entrepreneurship, the FFB develops actions and initiatives in order to:

  • Reduce constraints which hinder the Building industry, thereby reducing administrative burden, labour costs and taxation;

  • Stimulate social policy in the profession through a dialogue with social partners with an emphasis on prevention and safety;

  • Enhance the profession’s image by means of staff training, to recruit young workers, to test and certify companies;

  • Recapture the domestic market, to act in favour of home ownership, to reduce taxation for real-estate transactions and to fight against undeclared labour;

  • Develop public procurement and to encourage local authorities to invest and stimulate preservation and development of their buildings.


FFB, a community-based network

A federation for each ‘Département’
Local federations support and work alongside companies to answer questions which arise in their daily functions. Their mission is threefold: to lobby decision-makers, to provide a multidisciplinary expertise and to ensure a close support to companies.


A federation for each Region
As a key go-between, they boost local policies and organize initiatives. They also assure common action within FFB as they mutualise their experiences and their competence.


32 craft unions or syndicates
They symbolize the prestige and diversity of the Building industry. Along with the FFB, they offer their skills at national, European and international levels as regards research and development, assessment of training needs and promotion of the profession.


An active partner of the environment

With the help of policy-makers, an architectural heritage can regain its splendour. The FFB leads an active policy in favour of Building heritage by boosting local activities and promoting the benefits of the “Fondation du Patrimoine” among private owners. The FFB organizes training sessions named “patrimoine bâti ancien”, which offers companies’ expertise to clients.

Since 1995, the FFB has organized, with the Association of French Mayors, Dexia-Crédit Local and the “Fondation du Patrimoine”, a competition named “Les rubans du Patrimoine” which honours outstanding restorations by municipalities.


A sustainable construction

Today, French people seek safe, healthy and environment-friendly buildings which have been built with quality materials for sustainability.

For FFB, a sustainable construction means :

  • To improve the environment and the built-up landscape

  • To enhance well-being inside buildings

  • To have better control of the use of raw materials

  • To save energy and to reduce pollution

  • To offer a better approach of water use and quality

  • To pay attention to quality and safety on building sites



33 avenue Kléber, 75784 Paris Cedex 16
Phone: 33(1) 40 69 51 00 - Fax: 33(1) 45 53 58 77