The French Building Federation

The Fédération Française du Bâtiment (French Building Federation) is a major player in the French construction industry. Under the chairmanship of Olivier SALLERON, the FFB defends the interests of more than 50,000 member building companies, 35,000 of which are microenterprises. Together, they account for two-thirds of the sector's annual production (i.e. 166 billion euros excluding taxes*) and employ two-thirds of the 1,273,000* salaried workers of the building industry. (*2022 figures)

Our organisation

A professional network at the service of building companies

Made up of local federations and syndicate chambers, the FFB is a fully independant network wich defends its members' interests.

With its unique network of federations, the FFB carries out three essential missions:

  • A multidisciplinary expertise;
  • A day-to-day assistance to member companies;
  • An influence on organisations, institutions and decision-makers at all levels.


The local federations


In each "Département”, there is a federation to help and answer all members’ questions, to represent and defend their interests through institutions, organisations and local decision-makers. In addition to the recruitment and the retention of members, the local federations also aim to liven the network, such as the professional sections and the various FFB communities.


 The regional federations


The FFB regional federations constitutes a vital relay to maintain the unity of the professional organisation’s action with regional bodies, institutions and decision-makers. They aim at spreading and coordinating field experiences carried out at the local level as well as defining regional policies on wages, training and the environment.

The trade syndicates and chambers working for the building industry


In addition, 32 trade syndicates and chambers express the richness and diversity of the French building industry offering their technical, regulatory and normative expertise. They also play an active role in drawing up standards, disseminating best practices and regulation-related information, developing labels and training member companies. They all work hand in hand with regional and local federations as well as with local sections and professional chambers to provide an optimal technical support adapted to business imperatives. For French building companies, joining the FFB implies to become a member of one of these national trade syndicates. All along their membership, they will be offered technical advice from professionals who know companies’ constraints and requirements.

Our commitment

Our commitment towards the member companies

Making it easier for building contractors


Carpenters, electricians or masons can count on the French Building Federation’s support. For its member companies, the FFB offers its expertise and provides a set of high-performance tools, which make the day-to-day activity easier and improve business management. In order to save time, the FFB develops online solutions too, such as websites dedicated to energy performance or to standard contracts and mails. As well, tutorials and technical data sheets can be found on dedicated applications.


Support each member company


Each entrepreneur being different, the federations run specific meetings for managers facing similar issues. The groups of young managers or women leaders offers the opportunity to exchange on common difficulties, to share solutions, to acquire skills or to develop new practices.

The young managers’ group


The challenges facing the entrepreneurs‘ new generation are tremendous. For this reason, the FFB has created the groups of young managers. Men and women, managers and future managers, buyers and companies creators of all trades and all sizes collaborate on a daily basis to overcome common difficulties.

The women leaders’ group


Whether they are company managers, partners or collaborators, women have always been a priority for the French Building Federation. As of today, 94 groups of FFB women leaders bring together nearly 3,000 members. The FFB offers them the opportunity to get out of the “office isolation” to upscale their skills and help each other in a friendly and participative atmosphere.


The Federation of the European Construction Industry - FIEC

Beyond its action at the national level, the FFB is heedful with the work carried out by the European institutions and takes part on many issues likely to have an impact on the activity of construction companies.


To this end and being a long-standing member, the FFB relies also on the European Construction Industry Federation. Created in 1905, the FIEC gathers 33 national member federations from 27 countries and thus represents construction companies of all sizes (craftsmen, SMEs and large groups) in all areas of building and civil engineering.


The FIEC’s main mission consists in promoting the interests of the European construction industry to the European institutions. It has acquired a certain legitimacy with these institutions and has officially been recognised as a sectoral social partner by the European Commission since 1999.


In this context, the FIEC promotes sustainable construction and innovation, a stable regulatory framework, as well as a level playing field in the competition between construction companies.


Every year, the FIEC publishes a comprehensive statistical report, including key figures, on the European construction sector. To find out more about the thematic issues:


FIEC's Twitter account | FIEC's LinkedIn page